Scratchcards - Introduction

Each of you must have seen scratchcards being sold by street vendors, kiosks, or at the post office and many of you might have failed to resist the temptation.

You can scratch the playing field on the scratchcard using a coin or a nail and you immediately know whether you were lucky. In the case of winning a small amount, you even get the cash in your hand.

It is therefore understandable that virtual forms of the popular scratchcard have appeared in online casinos. There is mainly one key difference. Paper scratchcards are issued in batches and the entire country can thus, theoretically, track whether the top prize has already been won by anyone. On the other hand, the winning rate of online lottery is given by a random numbers generator.

In casinos, scratchcards are a bit in the shadow of roulette, blackjack or slot machines, however, they can undoubtedly find their fans. The game itself is very simple. You select the size of your bet, you buy a new card, and then you wipe the particular playing fields of the game plan by a simple click of the mouse.

If you find a set number of the same characters, you win. In most cases, three identical characters are needed; sometimes four or five of them are necessary, depending on the conditions of the game.

The biggest advantage of scratchcards consists just in their simplicity. You are not expected to know any rules, to study complicated manuals or strategies. The principle of scratchcards is similar to the principle of slot machines. However, there are not any bonuses, special symbols, or payment lines. The only sound effect of the game is scratching the scratchcard itself. These are the reasons why scratchcards are suitable for conservative players or as a kind of relaxation among the other more dynamic casino games.

At the very beginning, you have to choose a specific game, or rather a type of scratchcard. How to do it?

You can choose according to the design and themes, so you play with the scratchcard you like the most visually. Or you can choose according to the amount of individual wins offered by the scratchcard. In some cases, the minimum payout is equal to the amount of your bet, while in other cases, the payout equals double or triple your bet. At the same time, you can choose the scratchcard on the basis of (RTP- return to player), which usually moves in the range of 95-96%. However, the differences are not large, so this factor is not very significant. You will find more information about RTP in another article on our website. But you never find a ticket with a return to player of more than 100%.

It is purely a question of luck which characters you will scratch, therefore when considering the game from a long term point of view, you will always be in the negative. Thus, it makes no sense to speak about winning strategies. We can just distinguish two basic concepts:

- If you want to play the longest possible time - choose a scratchcard with a higher number of wins and bet the lowest possible sums. Such a scratchcard ticket will have a low variance. If you are wondering what exactly the variance is, please read the next article.
- If your goal is to risk money to win a lot then you should choose scratchcard games with high wins in the paytable and you had better make a few big bets, rather than many small bets.

On their websites, most online casinos allow you to see the latest winnings of particular players, as well as a list of the games they succeeded in. They want to evoke the impression that some of those scratchcards are the winning ones and that they also pay the winnings. It is absolutely pointless to follow such a list because each ticket is randomly generated and whether you win is unrelated to the previously scratched scratchcard. Be sure to choose a graphically appealing and entertaining scratchcard and try to scratch the playing field calmly. Maybe your fortune smiles on you maybe not. Nothing more can be expected from scratchcards. It is really a simple and relaxing casino game.

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